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Denice Rippentrop

2014 American Prize Semi-Finalist Composer

Featured Audio

"God Jehovah Movement IV" from the Larger Choral Work "The Miracle at Mount Horeb: The Ten Commandments"

The First Readings Project, J. David Moore, Conductor

- Libby Larsen

Grammy Award Winning Composer 

- Howard Helvey

Composer, Arranger, Pianist

- Jeff Harris, Conductor

The Sonoran Desert Chorale

- William H. Mathis

Minister of Music and Fine Arts, Hennepin Avenue Methodist Church, Minneapolis, MN.

- Dr. Jody Rockmaker

Arizona State University Associate Professor of Music, Composition and Theory

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

“For our Music of Passion concert to begin Holy Week, your The Atonement was paired with a requiem. Learning and preparing your piece was a marvelous experience for the choir; hearing it was an equally powerful time for the audience.”

“Denice is a composer who writes passionate, heartfelt, compositions, usually with a religious theme. Her texts come from scripture, but she also sets her own poetry and thoughts. Denice know how to use the chorus to great effect. Her voicings are rich, and the use of harmony compelling.”

“A recording of three new choral pieces by Denice -- each with individual character, but all filled with Denice's special spiritual touch.  "Whispering Palms" captures a medieval-like plainsong idea, but with a contemporary folk-like feel.  The key of D minor captures that mood!  "The Cross" for larger forces builds on arpeggiations mimicked in the handbells.  It crescendos with handbells, timpani, and piano to a powerful climax on "To know we are everything to God!"  The rhythmic "Yahweh's Love" lets claves chatter over the energetic text -- a real delight!”

“Denice Rippentrop’s music –  unfailing works from the spirit outward – beginning with the soul and singing through the words.”

“You have some really lovely gestures in The Sacred Seed. And the text is so compellingly beautiful….”

“The Desert Trilogy is a wonderful exploration of text and sounds in expressing ultimately – hope. The Sonoran Desert Choral was very pleased with the Trilogy – as was our audience – enjoy the colors of Light and Hope.”

- Dr. Peter Hendrickson

Choral Conductor, Augsburg College

Minneapolis, MN

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