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Behold, My God Is My Salvation

Composed and Arranged by Denice Rippentrop

Video by Clay Ashworth


Peace Be Still

Music Composed by Denice Rippentrop

Video Produce by Clay Ashworth


God Jehovah

God Jehovah - SSAATTBB Chorus with Strings or A Cappella - Words and Music by Denice Rippentrop


The text comes out of Deuteronomy 5:1-20 - Worship God Jehovah -Only God, Honor His Holy Name.


The music is compelling as it begins with each voice entering the composition.  As all voices connect the music builds with a crescendo climaxing on the words "God Jehovah".  The music gradually quiets as text is heard with absolutely gorgeous full chords - "Worship His Holy Name".  The piece ends on a most lush chord.


God Jehovah was recorded by "The First Reading Project - J. David Moore, Conductor, Minneapolis, MN".

Video Produce by Clay Ashworth

Eternity Is In My Heart

Written and Composed by Denice Rippentrop

SATB Chorus with Oboe, Violin, Violoncello, Piano, and Timpani

Beautiful Star Publishing Inc.

Video Editing by Clay Ashworth


Royal Tears Of Red

Composed by Denice Rippentrop

Performed by The Kuhn Mixed Chamber Choir, Lenka Naratilova, Choirmaster

Recorded at The Chapel in Korunni Street, Prague - Korunni 1440/6-, Prague, CZ

Video Produce by Clay Ashworth

If Words Could Sing

An Interview With Denice Rippentrop

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